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Vision and Mission

We, the resource department, on behalf of the Heiltsuk people will assist in managing all our territory with respect and reverence for the life it sustains, using knowledge of the Marine and Land resources as passed down to us for generations.  We will work toward rebuilding and maintaining a healthy and functioning environment while meeting our social and economic needs for generations to come.

We will work in collaboration with all Heiltsuk departments and citizens toward the preservation, conservation and enhancement of integrated resources within Heiltsuk Territory.  We will also foster efficient and respectful working relationships with external governments, including First Nations and other interest groups.

The Heiltsuk Integrated Resource Management Department will be responsible for protecting, planning and managing how the lands, seas and their resources will be used now and into the future. 
We will seek to enact the Heiltsuk laws, customs, traditions, policies and practices in carrying out our mandate.