Our Program Areas

Key Service Areas
The HIRMD staff work in four key service areas: 
(1) Information Services, Communications, and Referrals; 
(2) Land and Water; 
(3) Marine and Fisheries; and 
(4) Cultural Heritage Mangement. 

The HIRMD staff are also responsible forthe on-going administration and communications, both internally and within the broader Heiltsuk community.


A five member board provides guidance to the HIRMD on behalf of the HTC adn includes Council, HEMAS, community, and youth representatives; together with the Executive Director of HIRMD, the HIRMD Board is responsible for on-going communication and coordination of roles and responsibilities with the HTC.

The purpose of HIRMD is to maintain a system of governance that integrates institutions, programs, and support services that reflect Heiltsuk traditional values, i.e. Gvi'ilas and Lhaxvai. In particular, one of HIRMD's key roles is to provide technical advice to the Heiltsuk Tribal Council (HTC) in terms of protecting Heiltsuk Aboriginal Rights and Title.

Areas of Responsibility
The HIRMD is essentially the Stewardship Arm of the HTC, responsible for government-to-government relations; development and implementation of eco-system based mangement (EBM), conservancy management plans, resource policies, and written formal agreements with third parties; coordination of referrals; programs and project fundraising and financing; research, inventory, and mapping; implementation of the Heiltsuk Land and Marine Use Plans; and technical support to HTC in a variety of other areas.